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“The Touch” by Kalle Gustafsson

Scripture Reflection for the 4th Sunday of Easter

by Brandon Jubar

Reading I: Acts 4:8-12
Reading II: 1 John 3:1-2
GOSPEL: John 10: 11-18

Good Shepherds and Mothers

We’re not too far away from Mothers’ Day — a day when we take the time to thank and honor those beautiful people who brought us into this world. It is something that we should do much more often, but that fact should not take away from the special day. As we look ahead in preparation for Mothers’ Day, this week’s Gospel may help get us in the right frame of mind. This week we hear about Jesus being the Good Shepherd, and in many ways, our mothers have helped to shepherd us along through life as well!

Mothers Love Us More

We can send our kids to daycare. We can hire a nanny to watch them at home. Babysitters are called upon to take care of our kids when we go out at night. But all of these people, though they may be very caring individuals, do not love the children the way a mother does. And at the end of the day, they are still simply hired to help.

But a mother, in many ways, is like Jesus — the Good Shepherd. A mother would lay down her life for her children without giving it a second thought. She would never leave her child and flee in the face of danger.

And a mother knows her children, just as her children know her. A baby recognizes the mother’s voice immediately after birth, and even knows the beat of her heart as they gently rock.

Mothers Love and Guide

As that baby grows, the mother helps teach and guide the child through good times and bad. She loves the child with all her heart and makes many sacrifices to ensure the child’s well being. Through it all, she never asks for anything in return — never thinks about what’s in it for her.

Just as the Father loves Jesus, the Good Shepherd, so too does He love our mothers. And as we prepare for Mothers’ Day, it is important to remember that, just as they’ve loved us, we must love them every day too.


Life Applications:

What is your fondest childhood memory of your mother?
How important is it for a child to have a mother in his/her life?
How does your mother live out our Christian ideals?


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