Author: Brandon Jubar

Habits, Routines & Rituals: Part 2 – Rituals are Critical to Success

Systematically developing habits, routines and rituals is very important when learning to ROCK the 9-to-5. It’s also critical that rockers-to-be truly understand why these things are so important. The first article in this series explained the core concepts and the third article provides you with the two elements you need in order to build and improve your own habits, routines and rituals. But right now, I want to ensure you understand the importance of habits, routines and rituals, so we can truly learn to ROCK the 9-to-5! Rituals reduce our uncertainty and increase our control Psychologists have studied superstitious...

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Habits, Routines & Rituals: Part 1 – Building a Solid Foundation

Systematically developing habits, routines and rituals is a critical step in learning to ROCK the 9-to-5. Likewise, critically evaluating existing habits and routines provides important building blocks for rockers-to-be. This three-part series (1) explains the core concepts, (2) ensures you understand their importance, and (3) provides you with the two elements you need to build and improve your own habits, routines and rituals! Tame the Chaos with Minimal Brainpower Our minds do their best to bring order to the chaotic world around us. That’s why we easily develop habits – things we do without conscious thought – and repeat...

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ROCK the 9-to-5

I read a lot of blogs and listen to lots of podcasts that focus on how to start your own business, quit your job, and be your own boss. I’ve spent countless hours learning about email marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, permission marketing, and content marketing.  I’ve also studied content creation, sales funnels, lead magnets, product launches, membership sites, and the list goes on and on. Every time I think I know what I need, the next cool thing comes along that I just have to learn in order to succeed in online business, ditch my day job, and...

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Monday Morning

I started writing and publishing articles online in 2000. During the 10 years that followed I wrote, edited and published hundreds of articles and blog posts. None of them went viral and most of them can only be found online in the Internet Archive these days. Most of them were religious and some of them, at least in my opinion, were really good. I think it’s only fitting that this latest re-imagining of my website and blog should begin with a slightly updated version of one of my favorite articles from years gone by. I don’t know if you’ll enjoy...

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